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to our dream of being a part of the wonderful world of hops.


Starting here in Forest Lake MN in 2008 we envisioned our empty field full of beautiful hops. Now in 2013 Hippity Hops Farm has a quarter of the field growing organic Cascade hops. Our Cascade hops have been sold worldwide as well as to our local breweries. We ship them dried, vacuumed sealed and frozen to insure the best possible freshness. We also sell our hops wet (local only).

Bohemia Top Hop CZ supplies Saaz Hops to many breweries including Pilsner Urquell who has been test brewing with the Saaz Special and has given very favorable results. We feel that using Saaz Special you will have the same results. You can check out their website at


Please note that the Saaz and Saaz Special are not the same and both are available in T-90. The only place you’ll find this unique hop is at The Top Hop.


We continue to meet a lot of wonderful people in this rapidly growing industry and looking forward to meeting you.





Besides selling our locally grown hops we have branched out and are now associated with “Bohemia Top Hop” in the Czech Republic, not to be mistaken for “The Top Hop” which is here in MN. We import Saaz, Saaz Special and Sladek.


Bohemia Top Hop CZ’s aim is “The Highest Quality for all customers” They own 6 farms in the Saaz region consisting of  550 hectares (1,360 acres)  in the Saaz region of the Czech Republic with the sales volume of 1.200 MT of quality hops. “The Top Hop US”, located here in the USA, is proud to be the one and only distributor for Bohemia Top Hop CZ in North America. Traceability is the key to the highest quality for all our customers.





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